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How Does The Bible Present Marriage?

October 5, 2015 | Author:

We Can’t Let The Family Die

October 3, 2015 | Author:

gordonwatts Compfight CC

gordonwatts Compfight CC

[Editor’s Note: From the archives but relevant as ever. If only we’d listen know, like we should have listened then. An excellent lesson on how feminism kills the family.]

If the family fails, society breaks up, and there are many signs that this is happening. Britain may not lead the world in much, but we are certainly ahead when it comes to social pathology. So many children are neglected and, as a result, run out of control: we have high rates of truancy and exclusions, while violence and disorder among youngsters – even murder – have escalated in recent years to become daily headline fodder. Children who self-harm were virtually unheard of 25 years ago but today they are commonplace.

The rising level of social dysfunction mirrors a rising level of family fragmentation. Our expectations of parents and their responsibilities for their children’s wellbeing have never been lower. Despite numerous tragedies and endless inquiries into the failure of parents and the state to safeguard children, little appears to change – witness the death of Baby P. (for mature readers only)

That so many more of our children are now disadvantaged and neglected is rooted in the fact that so many more are being born to lone and cohabiting parents, while the Government remains wedded to the politically correct myth that this is OK.

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The Tale of Two Women

October 3, 2015 | Author:

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By Kevin Swanson

I must tell you the tale of two women. There was the first woman who was very neatly put together. She had inherited three generations of faith. Her great grandmother, her grandmother, and her mother were Christians. She had a very neat life. The furniture was covered, and she hardly ever sinned. The children were placed in boarding schools and she never yelled at them, even once. The pastor never had to deal with her problems. In fact, once or twice he commended her from the pulpit.

But this is a tale of two women, and I must tell you about the other. She had no godly mother or grandmother. Her father was an alcoholic, and, to tell you the truth, she was not so neatly put together. (more…)

AiG: Is Polygamy Next?

October 2, 2015 | Author:

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For years I’ve been saying that once you open the door to redefine marriage, where do you stop? Well, that’s already starting to happen since the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision to legalize gay “marriage” in June. After all, if “love wins,” as gay “marriage” activists say, then by this line of thinking why shouldn’t “love win” in cases of polygamy, bestiality, and pedophilia? As soon as you get rid of an absolute standard—God’s Word—anything and everything goes with regard to marriage. It’s just like Scripture says, “everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).

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Emotional Maturity as a Young Woman with an Unbelieving Family

October 1, 2015 | Author:

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Qsimple, Memories For The Future Photography, Compfight, CC

By Mrs. S. B. H. E., Originally published here, Aug. 8, 2005

Purity is a concept that is intriguingly beautiful. When thinking of purity, a pure, white lamb comes to mind–one with no blemishes, flecks of dirt, or streaks of mud. While this concept so readily comes to mind, it does not as readily spring out of one’s life. We are sinners, and, unless we are saved by Grace, we have no hope for righteous living (I John 1:9).

As a child, I became a Christian in a non-Christian home. While turning to the homes of Christian friends for brief respites, I struggled with the reality of my own home. I had a heart for living a pure life, and when I watched “The Waltons” or “Little House on the Prairie,” my heart ached for a “Pa” to sing hymns with after he read the Bible to our family. But, no, the only Bible in our home was a large leather-bound tome that sat primly on the coffee table and was never opened.

From the age of eleven, I navigated the waters of faith independently. It was natural to me to call a friend for a ride to church. I read my Bible with my door shut, hiding it after finishing to avoid teasing from my siblings (some of whom are now Christians!). But as closely as I guarded my spiritual life, there is one truth which I did not know or comprehend. I did not understand the iron-clad link between my spiritual life and my emotional life. I did not understand the need for purity emotionally in order to protect my walk with God. (more…)

Give-Away! Three Decades of Fertility – Ten Ordinary Women Surrender to the Creator and Embrace Life

September 29, 2015 | Author:

CapturebkIn honor of women who have seen through the lies perpetuated by Planned Parenthood and feminist-driven government-sanctioned social programs who have for decades devastated the lives of women in the name of “Women’s Health”, we’re giving away a copy of “Three Decades of Fertility” today while Cecil Richards sits and sweats out questions of responsibility and accountability before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Be in prayer that she folds and confesses. God’s plan for parenthood works best.

What would happen if a married woman gave the best years of her life to her Creator? Could He be trusted? Would her life be wasted? Ten women did just that and joyfully discovered that the God of LIFE was faithful.

Includes two bonus chapters on optimal health and nutrition for women during their fertile years and beyond.

Also includes the answers to several questions that readers asked in a survey taken in 2012. All ten authors answer these questions with their own unique perspective on each one. Some of the questions include:

1. How do you deal with the fear of increased miscarriage, infant loss, or birth defects? How can one handle that kind of pain, especially over and over again?

2. How do you balance life with older kids and babies? Do you feel this is unfair to the older children? How do they feel about having more brothers and sisters? Is it being greedy to want more babies at the risk of not being able to meet the needs of the rest of the family?

3. How do I deal with extended family members, friends, and even the medical community who disapprove of our continuing to want more babies as we get older?

4. Will I have the energy I need to continue to raise children into my 50s if I have some in my 40s? Is it fair to the child to have older parents?

5. Do you have any practical tips for high mileage mamas dealing with fatigue, pelvic separation, joint pain, varicose veins, etc.? In other words, what kinds of pregnancy issues did you have to deal with, and how did you deal with them?

And more!

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Live: Planned Parenthood CEO Cecil Richards Testifying Before House Oversight & Government Reform Committee

September 29, 2015 | Author:

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards testifying under oath this morning before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

BELINDA BROWN: There’s nothing pro-women about telling girls who can’t remember the night before to cry rape

September 26, 2015 | Author:

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Loss of memory due to extreme drunkenness should be no bar to making a complaint, argued Ms Saunders.

‘We would encourage anyone who has thought they might have been raped and weren’t capable of consenting to go to the police,’ she said.

The hardline feminist lobby will no doubt be cheering her comments to the echo. But her dismissal of any idea that intoxication might play a role in an unfortunate or regretted liaison paints women as perpetual, helpless victims who are not to be held responsible for their actions.

Furthermore, it suggests that all men are dangerous predators eager to exploit them, and the only form of protection for women is the full rigour of the law. Common sense, restraint, self-preservation and rationality don’t come into it.

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Homosexual Parenting Results Swept Under the Carpet

September 26, 2015 | Author:


Australian research from the 1990s has emerged as key evidence in the debate about same-sex parenting.

The constant refrain from supporters has been that there is no difference in outcomes for children in traditional marriages or same-sex couples. In 2010 Judge Vaughn Walker struck down a voter-approved constitutional referendum in California, partly because he found no sociological evidence of a difference. He put the conventional wisdom in a nutshell:

“Children raised by gay or lesbian parents are as likely as children raised by heterosexual parents to be healthy, successful and well-adjusted. The research supporting this conclusion is accepted beyond serious debate in the field of developmental psychology.”

And a brief sponsored by the American Psychological Association (APA) in 2005 asserted baldly that “none of the published research suggests conclusions different from” the “no difference” hypothesis.

This is simply not true. There was a study. It showed disadvantage. And it was ignored. Why? Perhaps because it came from Australia, far from the bright lights of San Francisco or New York.

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Conservative Woman: The Swedish daycare experiment has been a social disaster

September 23, 2015 | Author:


Are you a SAHM, home schooling, and/ or working hard on home-based entrepreneurship? Be glad, because you’re doing it right from the start. You have a lot to look forward to. Stay confident, and learn from the failure of feminism in Sweden.

If feminism is the enlightened advanced philosophy of womanhood, why has it caused a multitude of problems? When women espouse the state as god and pursue socialistic solutions to family needs they hand over the family, undermining the leadership of their husbands, neglecting the jurisdiction God designed for women, and not just themselves and they make a grand muck of things.

In 1978, the women’s caucus of the ruling Social Democratic Party, a party that was in power for the better part of 40 years, published The Family of the Future: A Socialistic Family Policy.

The pamphlet strongly called for state-funded, affordable daycare. The goals were 1) better outcomes in child social development and academic achievement, 2) class equity, and 3) gender equity (or, as they put it, the liberation of women from their maternal instincts).

The results are not good.

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Yellow Hammer: Alabama Supreme Court rejects lesbian couple’s adoption granted in Georgia

September 21, 2015 | Author:

What a tangled web we weave.

Because Alabama at the time would not approve adoptions by same-sex couples, the two women moved to Fulton County Georgia, where a judge was “receptive to same-sex parents seeking such.”

V.L., the non-biological mother, adopted the three children with the Georgia court’s approval. After the two women ended their relationship in 2011, the biological mother, E.L, refused to allow V.L. to see the children. With the family living once again in Alabama, E.L. refused V.L.’s request to visit the children, arguing that 2007 Georgia adoption was invalid in Alabama.

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Family Edge: Do Women Need To Have Periods?

September 21, 2015 | Author:


Using birth control to eliminate menstruation isn’t unsafe, even if some worry it’s “unnatural.” That, readers, is how a recent opinion piece in The Atlantic started, and obviously I was curious to know where this was going. Turns out that more women are keen to use birth control not only to prevent pregnancy, but as a long-term way to avoid their period.

Now this is probably something that women have fallen into over time, without really thinking about what they were doing. But to hear it said like this – basically turning their period on and off as is convenient – scares me. And not only because I’ve heard of so many cases of women who have been on birth control, then stopped taking it to fall pregnant, and it has hasn’t happened (in my opinion, pumping your body with hormones that aren’t supposed to always be there worries me). Why are we so keen to play God and always be in control? Isn’t the natural way the best way?

For me, it’s worrying enough that we don’t have the long-term studies to know what the side-effects or consequences of this might be. But I also thought it best to consult someone who knows what they’re talking about, so I asked Caitlin Byrne, a Sydney-based Fertility Care Practitioner with a Master’s Degree in Reproductive Health Science and Human Genetics.

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Planned Parenthood Targeting Morning Center Patients!

September 18, 2015 | Author:

morning center

As many of our supporters and friends know, Morning Center provides a prenatal clinic at Warren Apartments in Memphis. Warren Apartments is a particularly stark picture of the horrible conditions inner city Americans are living in. Great poverty and suffering, mixed with sin and a lack of the Gospel, which has the power to transform lives!

Morning Center has been working hard to serve the people in this community, and partnering with others to do so. We’ve started a community garden, are helping to lead Bible studies for women and men, helping serve the entire community physically and financially when a fire destroyed and damaged many of their homes, and of course providing our free prenatal clinic, providing quality care to moms and their babies who would otherwise often have no prenatal care. We are striving to show the love of Jesus to this community, and we have seen God work in amazing ways!

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Not familiar with the Morning Center? Watch below…

TGC: Dear Moms, You Do More Than You Know

September 18, 2015 | Author:

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wader Compfight CC

Moses’s mother was courageous and creative, defying Pharaoh’s unrighteous decree and devising a way for her baby to have a chance at life.

Moses’s sister was resolute and resourceful, ready to save her helpless sibling and point Pharaoh’s daughter in the right direction.

Moses’s adoptive mother was powerful and full of pity, a beautiful picture of human compassion and common grace.

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6 Brothers Welcome Home Their First Baby Sister

September 18, 2015 | Author: